Monday, January 16

Where Oh Where Have My Items Gone...

...where oh where can they be?

It has been one month since we arrived in Tucson. We are moved in about 75%. There are still boxes that we haven't unpacked, some we haven't gotten to and others we have decided we don't need right now. Of course there are the items I would like to have that we can't find. How do you loose something in a move? Well, the packers pack the boxes and mark them with what the major contents are and what room they are from. Unfortunately what the packer decides is the major contents and what I would think are major are two different things. We are still looking for a box containing our bedroom lamps. We have the shades, but no lamps. There is no box labeled lamps. The only unopened boxes for our room are labeled shoes and books. We opened the large shoe box and only see shoes. I didn't intend to open the book boxes because we usually do those last. Plus, if we move soon I see no reason to create more work by unloading and then packing the books up again.

Whenever we move we watch the packers and carry our own Sharpies around adding our own lists and/or comments about the contents. Since this move wasn't organized and at one point had 4 people packing our contents, there was lots of room for gaps in the information listed on the boxes. I'm still trying to figure out where the heck the rugs are for my bathroom. Tile floors are chilly and I could really use them at this time of year. All the boxes labeled bathroom and linens have been opened. So where are they? It is any ones guess. Maybe labeled 'garage' since we still have several of those not opened. It could be labeled 'kids toys' since that would make sense. Children can turn rugs or lamps into toys, right.

Well, what is important is that we are at functioning level now. We aren't living out of suitcases anymore and I don't feel like I am living in a hotel. We spent this weekend cleaning the downstairs so at least if someone comes over I won't be totally humiliated. Upstairs is still a cluttered mess with some boxes. I won't even mention the garage.

Both of us are still searching for a new career position. Whoever can get hired first is the winner. I am supposed to figure out how long we can keep our house while we are both unemployed, but I haven't done it yet.  I would like to stay in denial about our impending financial decline. With the look of our garage we maybe thinking we will loose the house sooner rather than later. My husband is hoarding empty boxes and paper. I don't look in the garage very often. I would like to think that my denial is actually optimism.

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artsy_momma said...

Awww, things will work out eventually.... just stay optomistic & remember that everything happens for a reason.