Monday, October 4

You can find the coolest things...

...on the Internet.  I just learned about a really cool resource on the web for coordinating meals for a family.
It is free.  Amazing what you can find these days on the Internet.  It certainly doesn't help my addiction, finding one more reason I need to spend time on the computer.
I'm not 100% convinced it is a full blown addiction yet. 
According to Wikipedia, "an addiction is characterized by impairment in behavioral control, craving, inability to consistently abstain, and diminished recognition of significant problems with one’s behaviors and interpersonal relationships."
I do crave being on the Internet, but I can still walk away.  Although there are times I would prefer not to.  Well, at least I'm not in denial.  I realize it could be a real problem.
Although I have used it to procrastinate.  In fact, I have a resume someone has asked me to review and provide feedback on and that was 3 weeks ago.  Okay, I better get to it.
Before I close I want to reiterate the reason for this post.  The Internet can be such a fabulous resources, like the coordination of meals for someone preoccupied with the legitimate distractions of life like a new baby or illness. Try it and let me how it works out for you.

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VegasMom said...

Cool! I'm going to try it out tonight! Thanks for the great info!